Shedding positive light on one of the most notorious slums in Puerto Rico: La Perla. La Perla is a historical community in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As of 2000, an estimated population of 338 was reported. La Perla is known for its alleged high rate of illegal activities. In recent years, reports indicate that La Perla has been abandoned by the Puerto Rican government, in hopes that residents would evacuate, leaving it open for development. Rumors suggest that Donald Trump has his eye on the area for building of tourist attractions. The government has allegedly tried to buy out residents to no avail. The common perception of La Perla, is that it's "dangerous". Too dangerous to step foot in. Some have gone as far as saying if you enter, you won't come out alive. They say it's a lawless zone, where everyone has free reign. Upon researching La Perla, I grew fascinated with their story. I wanted answers. I felt like there had to be a positive side of this community that was yet to be fully explored. I've always wanted to shoot a documentary. Their sense of reality and raw filming styles have always captured my heart. By filming this documentary and getting into the soul of La Perla, I can give it a voice that has been silenced for far too long. I want to show the beauty and positivity that lies within this supposed "slum". It is my mission to shed light on the other, untold side. With the help of crowdfunded donations, I was able to visit La Perla and begin documenting some amazing characters and moments. I'm looking forward to sharing with the world a visual through my eyes.


My name is Frank, but most know me as "Silent". I am from New York City (the Bronx to be exact) and I have been been working as a photographer / videographer and blogger for the last 6 years. I have covered all kinds of events with artists, from rising talents to mainstream A listers. I had a dream that I worked hard to make happen and it's still in progress! I have made a name for myself and my brand during the last 6 years as a trustworthy freelancer. I love to document and capture moments that show people in a positive light and remain true to their essence. Which has allowed me to build relationships and trust with major artists in the entertainment field. This is definitely a passion of mine!

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